Kuwaiti actress Farah Alhady opens up about psoriasis diagnosis

The celebrity has been undergoing various treatments for the skin condition

Kuwaiti actress and fashion influencer Farah Alhady has revealed she has an incurable skin condition. Photo: Farah Alhady
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Farah Alhady has been diagnosed with a skin condition.

The Kuwaiti actress and fashion influencer announced the news on her Snap Chat account on Saturday.

Alhady, 27, said she is suffering from psoriasis, a chronic skin disease, which causes red and itchy patches over various parts of the body.

While a definitive cause and cure remain elusive, treatments are available to manage symptoms when they flare up.

“We finally got to know the details of this disease after long weeks of suffering,” Alhady said.

“It effects only 3 per cent of the world's population and the doctor who treated me said she had only seen one such case in her life."

The International Federation of Psoriasis Associations says nearly 3 per cent of the world's population has some form of psoriasis, which is about 125 million people worldwide. Anyone can get the condition at any age, but it more frequently appears between the ages of 15 and 35, with men and women getting it at the same rate.

Alhady says her condition was an immune response and non-hereditary, and that she first experienced symptoms on her birthday in February.

While not describing her treatment, she did state she refused a course of ultraviolet radiation.

Her husband, Aqeel Al Raisi, rallied around Alhady by posting on his social media account a compilation of videos of the couple celebrating various occasions, including their 2019 wedding.

Both Alhady and Al Raisi starred together in 2021’s Kuwaiti romantic drama series Bayn Aydik.

Alhady’s revelation comes after she posted a number of social media videos in February where she described alarm at her deteriorating condition.

"Why haven't I found a cure for my infection?" she said in one post. "Until now I have not found any solution for this infection, which at times comes on my face, my hands and in each case a new place.

“Praise God, I am fine but I need to focus more on my health and seek treatment.”

Updated: March 13, 2022, 1:05 PM