R&B star Craig David brings new TS5 show to Abu Dhabi F1 party

We speak to UAE favourite Craig David who has won the prestigious slot of headlining the F1 Amber Lounge parties.

British R&B star Craig David. Courtesy JEM Artists
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UAE favourite Craig David has won the prestigious slot of headlining the Amber Lounge parties on Saturday and Sunday. The ritzy evenings, at the Yas Links Golf Club, will feature the British R&B star performing his hits, including Walking Away and 7 Days, in addition to helming the decks as DJ. He explains that this freewheeling multi-platform approach is part of his live show called TS5.

You recently sold out your London gig with your TS5 show in less than 10 minutes. What’s the concept behind it?

This is me live mixing different tracks, as well as singing and freestyling over them. The whole TS5 movement started out as a house party at my home in Miami, so every time I play at a different event, I aim to bring that house-party vibe to the place. This is exactly what I’ll be doing at The Amber Lounge.

You have performed at many types of events, from festivals and stadiums to more intimate concerts – how does an F1 party such as the Amber Lounge stand out as an experience?

I’ve always loved performing in Abu Dhabi, so to do it while the F1 is happening is going to be an amazing experience. When F1 is in town, the place has an extra-special buzz, so I’m really excited to be performing while it’s on.

What kind of set should people expect?

I always play the tracks that I’m feeling at that particular moment. There’s a kind of adrenalin rush of going to a show and not knowing exactly what I’ll be playing. All my sets have a hip-hop and R&B vibe and people can check out the TS5 Spotify playlists to get a real idea of what I’ll be playing.

You have dropped a few new tracks online in the last year or so – how is work on the new album progressing and when can we expect it?

Work on the album is going really well. I’m in that place again where I feel like a 16-year-old kid starting out and who’s just hungry to put music out there. The album is really close to being finished. I’ve worked with some incredible artists and writers which has been a great experience – 2016 is going to be a big year.

Craig David performs on Saturday and Sunday as part of the Amber Lounge at Yas Links Golf Club. For booking, visit www.amber-lounge.com or email enquiries@amber-lounge.com