Rolling Stones musical 'in the works'

Workshops are taking place in West End where budding thespians are being put through their paces

The word on the streets of London is that there is a search on for stage talent to take on the roles of the legendary members of the Rolling Stones in a musical about the famed band.

It's been revealed that workshops are taking place in West End where budding thespians are being put through their paces.

While Rolling Stones fans are no doubt excited by the prospect, English rockers Mick Jagger, 73, Keith Richards, 73, Charlie Watts, 76, and Ronnie Wood, 70, are yet to give the show their backing, according to

"The idea came from top theatre execs who know the concept of a Stones musical has the potential to be a worldwide hit. But they know the show has to be outstanding for the band members to back it," a source told The Sun newspaper.

"Only then will it ever see the light of day - and at the same time make the rockers as absolute fortune. The workshops are being kept very much under wraps and only incredible talent is being invited to attend," the source adds.

It is not yet known whether the musical would cover the band's career or use their back-catalogue, which date back to 1962 when they formed the band in London, for a different story.

While the veteran rockers could earn a fortune from a musical, they may not need the cash as it was recently reported they will earn millions of pounds from a new album after their contract was renewed by Universal.

The group is reportedly planning to release a live compilation album in time for Christmas 2017 and follow that up with a new studio LP to coincide with the end of their forthcoming European tour, which kicks off in September.

The Rolling Stones' latest album, Blue and Lonesome - a collection of blues covers - was their 25th record and dropped in December 2016.