Viral Dubai #KekeChallenge parody angers social media users

Filmed in Dubai, the video has had 1.6 million views on Facebook

Filmed in Dubai, the parody video has angered some social media users who called it out for its lyrics. Photo / YouTube
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In what he has dubbed a "halal parody", vlogger and comedian Dawood Savage has created his own version of the Drake #KekeChallenge, called Habibi Do you Love me? 

Filmed in Dubai, the video has angered some social media users who have called it out for its misogynistic lyrics. It begins with Savage saying: "Daddy wanted me to get married, I can have four wifeys." Other lyrics include, "Aisha, do you love me, are you cooking?... Cos i want a chai and a biryani... Fatima, do you love me, are you cleaning?"

The latest online dance craze —  known as the Keke (or Kiki) challenge — involves dancing to a song by Canadian rapper Drake, sometimes in the street while walking alongside a moving car with the door open.

The video, which has had 1.6m views on Facebook, 80,000 views on YouTube and 37,000 views on Instagram, features Savage and four of his friends dancing in front of parked cars, not running alongside moving vehicles, a move that was banned in the UAE due to its dangerous nature.

Manahil Rauf18 asked on YouTube: "Why do the lyrics make it sound like Muslim women are made for cleaning and cooking?"

Meanwhile, Nadia Angelmum722 said: "Oh dear! I know this is a bit of fun and it did make me smile. However, please girls don't think this is your worth. You have so much to offer the world. A relationship involves 2 people and roles should be shared, just saying #peacenlove."

Instagram user xviki.axv was less amused: "This is just sexist, maybe you should clean and cook by yourself."


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