UAE, Saudi, Palestine, Algeria and more: Arab influencers give Don't Rush challenge a Middle Eastern twist

The video showcases the rich diversity of the Arab world, extending from fashion to music

The Don't Rush challenge has been given some Middle Eastern flair
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The latest viral music challenge has been given some Middle Eastern flair.

Since landing on social media app TikTok in March, the Don't Rush beauty challenge has become the latest online music craze, with hundreds of videos of groups of people using the song to create dazzling cosmetic transformations to the slinky beats of Don't Rush by British grime artists Young T and Bugsey.

The latest batch to accept the challenge are a slew of public personalities from the Arab world. On Monday April 20, a video was uploaded featuring 10 people, hailing from the UAE to Morocco, who all transformed from casual wear to traditional threads.

This was boosted by Don't Rush being remixed by Kimo Basha with snippets of traditional music from each respective country.

The aim here is not to dazzle, but to showcase the rich diversity of the Arab world, extending from fashion to music.

Here is how the video went down....

Haifa Bessiso from Palestine

Kicking things off is the host of MBC's Yalla Banat Show, who showcased her Palestinian heritage complete with a family performance of the dabke.

Haifa Bessiso from Palestine. YouTube

Ibrahim Masha from Saudi Arabia

Up next was the Saudi vlogger, who got out of his funky get up to don a black kandora and pour a cup of strong gahwa.

Ibrahim Masha from Saudi Arabia. YouTube

Mohammed Tarek from Egypt

Accepting the next round in this online relay was the social media personality, who celebrated his heritage by playing the darbuka.

Mohammed Tarek from Egypt. YouTube

Zaina Aguenaou from Morocco

The popular radio presenter wore a glittering emerald blue djellaba, capped off with a red fez.

Zaina Aguenaou from Morocco. YouTube

Anas OD from Yemen

The multimedia content creator wore a ghutra and a black and white wzaar as he shimmied along to a Yemeni folk dance.

Anas OD from Yemen. YouTube

Ines Sebiane from Algeria

The film director celebrated her heritage by wearing her blue modern karakou dress and pouring herself a glass of tea from an ornate pot.

Ines Sebiane from Algeria. YouTube

Amna Hamdto from Sudan

The blogger and make-up artist was up next, and wore a vibrant thobe dress, all while holding a cup of thick red Sudanese tea.

Amna Hamdto from Sudan. YouTube

Deema Al Assadi from Iraq

Bringing glamour to the proceedings, the fashion blogger wore a glittering black hashimi dress.

Deema Al Assadi from Iraq. YouTube

Azza Al Mughairy from the UAE

Then it was the our time to shine, with the Emirati television reporter Azza Al Mughairy in a colourful dar'ah dress, shuffling to an Emirati folk tune, all the while holding her smiling son.

Azza Al Mughairy from the UAE. YouTube

A Saudi Arabian encore with Molham

The musical baton reached its final destination with another Saudi personality, rapper Molham spitting a few lines before the video ends.

Who is up for the challenge?

Also no viral challenge comes complete without it being extended to even more people. Haifa Bessiso invited more groups of friends to head online and celebrate their heritage.

“Dear world, this is the #dontrushchallenge with an Arabian twist,” she posted on Instagram, calling on other countries to "do the next challenge.”


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