Najwa Karam’s new song pays flashy tribute to Beirut

The singer shot the music video in the heart of the city

Lebanese singer Najwa Karam will perform in Dubai this weekend. Courtesy Al Ittihad
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Before it was even released, Najwa Karam's new song was trending on Twitter.

The Lebanese pop star caused a stir in the regional Twittersphere after shutting down a Beirut street earlier this month to shoot the video for upcoming single Ma'thur Qalbi.

Out on Friday, December 25, the colourful production is full of the modern and traditional twists that are signature in her music.

Fans and passers-by gathered in various Beirut locations, including Cairo Street in the Hamra district, to see Karam and her crew at work.

One location had her performing on a concert stage with her hair billowing from a nearby fan, in true pop diva fashion.

Fans also snapped images of Karam, dressed in a black shirt, red alligator trousers and boots, emerging from a red truck.

Powerful vehicles appear to be a key theme of the video. On a set visit, entertainment online series Et Bil Arabi showed footage of Karam singing in front of a cavalcade of powerful sports cars while hip-hop dancers engaged in slick choreography.

Despite these modern and flashy touches, the song itself boasts a traditional Lebanese folk arrangement, with thunderous percussion and a call and response vocal.

While Karam's stature affords her the option of shooting the music video overseas, director Waleed Nassif said it was the singer's intention to make the video in the heart of Beirut as a tribute to the city's resilience.

"Every time I work with Najwa it is a great challenge," he told ET Bil Arabi. "This was an important project considering how this year has been. This song is a moment of hope and happiness."

UAE fans will soon get a chance to hear Ma'thur Qalbi on stage with Karam scheduled to appear in concert at the Dubai World Trade Centre on Thursday, January 15.

Performing as part of the Dubai Shopping Festival, the show is part of a formidable double bill also featuring Iraqi singer Majid Al Mohandis.

Tickets cost from from Dh195 from