Meet Ala'a Skyy: Rihanna's little doppelganger that has the internet seeing double

The singer uploaded a photo of the young girl onto her Instagram and it's caused quite a stir

Seeing double: Rihanna (left) and her young doppelganger, Ala'a Skyy. AP and Instagram / Ala’a Skyy
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It seems Rihanna has a mini me. The Umbrella singer posted a photo on her Instagram showing what some people thought appeared to be a younger version of herself. She simply captioned the photo, "Almost drop by my phone. How?'

The young girl has a similar shaped face and even appears to share the same eye colour as the 31-year-old singer.

And fans were quick to point out how amazed they were with the resemblance too.

One user wrote, “At first I thought it was FaceApp … that’s is a literal clone.”

Another commented, “Lol I thought Rihanna used the baby filter.”

While one more asked, “You have something to tell us sis?”

Even other celebrities got in on the fun. Snoop Dogg was quick to question if she was secretly the child’s mother while Priyanka Chopra just wrote “Wow?!”.

Rihanna also tagged the girl’s real mother Bria in the photo. In turn, Bria also shared her daughters account, announcing that @iamhoneyy__is the only official account for the young model. According to it, the youngster is named Ala’a Skyy and she also happens to be a children’s clothing model.

While Rihanna doesn't have any children yet, she has opened up about romance with Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel. In a candid interview, she revealed she was very much "in love" with her boyfriend, before leaving a long silence when asked if she was planning to get married.

"Only god knows that, girl. We plan and god laughs, right?" she eventually joked, adding that she wants to be a mother "more than anything in life".


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