Fan's story of meeting rapper DMX goes viral: 'He was so authentic and candid'

The American performer is on life support at a hospital in New York

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While #RIPDMX was trending on Friday, as rumours circulated that DMX had died, another, more heartwarming story about the US rapper was also going viral.

A fan's tale about the time she met the veteran New York rapper and actor, born Earl Simmons, captured the attention of social media users and media across the world.

On Tuesday, April 6, Jennifer Fraser posted on Twitter about an "authentic and candid" chat she had on a plane with DMX, 50, who was on life support in a hospital in New York following a heart attack a week ago. He died on Friday.

The meeting took place on a trip to San Diego she was taking with her step daughter, Mia, who had graduated from college. Fraser had upgraded them to first class at the last minute, and as they settled in, someone "famous with his entourage in tow" sat down next to her.

The Let Me Fly star introduced himself as "D", to which Fraser asked, "D, the letter?". Simmons said, "Yes, D, DMX."

Fraser admits she didn't recognise him, although later adds "his music was present during many fun nights in college".

From there they got into a conversation about everything from social media to the musical Hamilton ("DMX wasn't familiar") and race to his incarceration.

She even got to listen to an unreleased song that had been recorded with John Legend.

"He was so authentic and candid," she wrote. "He talked about his kids, he has [15] kids. He worried about them and told me how much he enjoyed being a father." He also talked about his grandmother and her cancer, as well as his faith, Fraser added.

"As we stood to retrieve our bags overhead he asked for my phone number and asked if we would come to his performance as his guests." Deciding that he was just being "polite" and "of course he wouldn't call", Fraser gave it to him.

Later, however, DMX did call, and they accompanied him to the gig, where they watched him perform a set.

"DMX is a talented artist, a loving father and a kind soul," she wrote, as she concluded the thread. "I hope they release the song about his grandmother, I remember it being very different and personal."

This week, a number of vigils have been held by fans and family members outside the White Plains Hospital, where DMX was on life support in New York.

On Thursday, rumours spread across the internet that DMX had died, however his manager Steve Rifkind shared a statement on Instagram saying he was still alive.

"Everybody, please stop with posting these rumours," he said in a video message. “DMX is still alive. Yes, he is on life support, but please, it’s not helping anybody by having them see these false rumours. Let the family relax for a night.”

He added that Simmons's family is expected to make another statement "some time tomorrow".

Later on Friday, however, the family released a statement saying he had died "with his family by his side after being placed on life support for the past few days".