'Before I Let Go': Beyonce starts new viral dance challenge

Fans are already taking part in the new social media craze

This image released by Netflix shows Beyonce in a scene from her documentary "Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé." (Parkwood Entertainment/Netflix via AP)
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Beyonce has started a new Instagram challenge, which is already going viral.

The #beforeiletgochallenge sees fans dance to the incredibly catchy Before I Let Go, a cover of the 1981 Frankie Beverly and Maze song and a bonus track on Homecoming: The Live Album. 

Launching the challenge, Queen Bey posted some of her favourites to her Instagram story:

This was the first time Beyonce had ever used the Instagram Story function.

But the call to action worked, and a quick search of the hashtag shows that it has already had more than 2,600 people take part on Instagram, and countless more on Instagram Story.

The song instructs dancers on what to do for the challenge.

"Turn around, kick, then slide/ And twirl that *** to the right now/ Ooh, bunny hop, bunny hop, drop, pop/ Cross your legs, turn around and clap/ Shuffle to the left, let's glide now/ Ooh, drop it down, drop it down low, low," Beyonce instructs and fans follow.

Some fans were particularly happy that they had been featured on Beyonce's Instagram.

"Y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!! @beyonce just posted my #beforeiletgochallenge to her Instagram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I’m dying.... brb," wrote a delighted Kiara Imani on Twitter.

It has also prompted plenty of other fans to take part: 


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