Ahlam x BTS? The Emirati singer says she is collaborating with the K-pop band

The news has sent K-pop fans in the UAE into a frenzy

Emirati singer Ahlam has said she will collaborate with K-pop giants BTS
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Emirati singer Ahlam has sent fans into a frenzy on Twitter by announcing she will collaborate with K-pop band BTS.

The The Voice Ahla Sawt host confirmed the collaboration in response to a fan who tweeted her to ask if she would be working with the seven-piece band.

“Please answer me Ahlam, will there be a collaboration with BTS?” the tweet said, to which she replied, “Yes, of course there is”, alongside three dancing emojis.

While Ahlam did not elaborate on the tweet further, it was enough to spark major excitement from fans in the region and around the globe, causing the hashtag #AhlamxBTS to trend.

The singer then posted her amusement at the attention the tweet was getting, saying “one tweet made up of five words has gone worldwide”, alongside several laughing emojis. Does this mean she was joking?

With so many K-pop fans in the region and Ahlam one of the Middle East’s biggest stars, this meeting of worlds would certainly welcomed by many.

In fact, K-pop fans in the UAE have been embarking on an ongoing quest to bring BTS to the country to perform, with the hashtag #UAEwantsBTS regularly trending on Twitter.

Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena even responded to the requests, saying, “We’ve received all your requests and trust us, we want #kpopinuae too! Your enthusiasm continues to inspire us and we’re working to bring the best to Coca-Cola Arena! #UAEwantsBTS #wewantbtsinuae”

Perhaps a collaboration with Ahlam could finally bring them here.

Watch this space…

Will Ahlam be collaborating with Jin and the rest of BTS soon? She certainly seems to think so