A Hamilton parody video makes fun of the US face mask debate

The track features a musical medley from the American musical hit

Penn Holderness starring in latest parody video by The Holderness Family. YouTube
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The US debate on whether to wear a mask amid the pandemic has been skewered, Hamilton style.

In a fun YouTube video that was uploaded on Tuesday, June 30, by US comedy troupe The Holderness Family, Penn Holderness plays two characters from the opposing sides of the argument.

With a musical medley of Hamilton tracks, including the hip-hop inspired Aaron Burr, Sir, the stadium rock style of My Shot, and the piano balladry of You'll Be Back, the home-recorded video is essentially a two-way conversation, with the camera cutting between two Penns as they lay down their respective arguments.

For pro-mask Penn, the reason to don the facial protection is to protect fellow citizens.

"You say, the price of this mask is a price you are not willing to pay." he says. "(The virus) has come back, actually it has never left and it’s leaving us all bereft."

Meanwhile, anti-mask Penn is spouting conspiracy theories on how the face mask is part of a grander plan for human subjugation.

Since its release, the video has amassed over 400,000 views and has been featured in leading entertainment publications such as Billboard Magazine and broadcast across the US on National Public Radio.

YouTube Stars

This is not the first time The Holderness Family have hit the mark when it comes to YouTube parodies.

With more than 500,000 subscribed to their eight-year-old channel, they have released more than a 100 videos, on everything from hand-washing amid the pandemic to hits by pop stars Billie Eilish (Bad Guy) and Rihanna (Work). Here's a sample of their colourful work:

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