BTS fans in the UAE react to K-pop group's latest anthology album 'Proof'

'The album is very emotional,' says fan and Dubai resident Khadija Kadry

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BTS fans around the world rejoiced when the K-pop group released their new compilation album Proof on Friday.

The triple-album consists of 48 songs and features a mix of old favourites, solo tracks and unreleased demos.

However, there are three new songs: Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment), For Youth and Run BTS.

The anthology album has been praised by fans, but what do Army (the unmistakable moniker for BTS fans) in the UAE think of it?

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Majda Rafii, 38, who lives in Dubai, first became interested in BTS during the start of the pandemic.

“I listened to their song Life Goes On which sparked my interest in their music,” she says. “From then on, I became a fan and learned more about their music, track debuts and shows.”

She says she really enjoys the new album because it encompasses a lot of what BTS has worked for. “They captured their different eras, nine years of hard work in one chapter, that ends beautifully and a new one to begin altogether,” she says.

Another fan who discovered the band around the same time is Khadija Kadry. She says her favourite song from the album is For Youth, describing it as a "very special song dedicated to Army" and one she can't wait to see them perform live one day.

Like Rafii, she's also believes that album is a special tribute to fans.

"The album is very emotional and definitely made for Army, the lyrics the selected songs the messages behind each track the fans could only understand and relate to," she says.

Meanwhile, Alaa Hussein, 27, also a Dubai resident, has been listening to BTS since 2015. She agrees that Proof is a celebration of everything that's been accomplished thus far in their careers.

“Today when I listened to the new song Yet to Come, with its strong and meaningful lyrics, I can say that it's a celebration of their history and all their years together, it's how they are proud of their body of work of nearly 10 years, which is their greatest legacy because BTS are indeed bulletproof,” she says.

Reem Al Mujaini, who became a fan last year, remembers how she saw a video of member RM tearing up at a concert and telling fans to "please use BTS to love yourself". Since then, she has become hooked on the band.

Her favourite track from the new album is Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment), which has a similiar theme to Life Goes On. Both tracks offer optimism for the future.

She says that the songs have also given her hope again on a personal level.

"I loved the idea of collecting their songs and history of their achievements during their 20s. A new chapter is about to start with them," she says. "I believe I'm not the only Army who was worried when the idea was released, we were afraid that it was a goodbye from them."

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Updated: June 11, 2022, 12:35 PM