Heardle is Wordle but for music fans

The game lets players listen to the opening seconds of a song to guess its title in six tries

Heardle, a daily musical puzzle, is the latest iteration of the Wordle game. Unsplash
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A new game following the format of Wordle is bringing rhythm to the viral internet puzzle format.

Heardle.app is a guessing game where, instead of trying to decipher a five-letter word, players listen to the opening seconds of a pop song, and try to figure out its title and artist.

The musical game takes another cue from Wordle in that you have six guesses to try to work out the daily puzzle, but it has several unique elements. Incorrect guesses unlock more of the song to give you a better chance of solving it, for example. You also have the option to skip guesses and listen to more of the song.

“Each Heardle is randomly plucked from a list of the most-streamed songs in the past decade,” says the site. So it’s a good way to test whether you’ve had your finger on the music pulse for the past few years. The songs, the page says, are being pulled from SoundCloud.

As with the game it is inspired by, Heardle has a sharing feature that allows you to copy a series of coloured blocks to let people know how many guesses it took you to work out the puzzle, without giving away the answer.

Heardle is only the latest iteration of the Wordle game.

Josh Wardle's viral word game amassed millions of players within only a few months and has been bought by The New York Times. Since it launched, it has inspired several other developers to release the game in various languages, including Arabic.

There are also other spin-offs of the game goading players to guess words, from JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series and Pokemon, for example, and there's Worldle for geography whizzes and Nerdle for maths fans.

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Updated: March 06, 2022, 7:45 AM