10 songs about revenge: From Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran to John Lennon and Lily Allen

As Swift revisits her 2008 split from Joe Jonas in new track ‘Mr Perfectly Fine’, we reveal 10 petty pop songs from some of the world’s biggest music stars

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Revenge might be a dish best served cold, but when you’re an international pop star, there’s no harm in serving it up with a side order of “number one platinum-selling hit”, either.

Having moved away from sharing so much about her life in her songs, Taylor Swift's release last week of Mr Perfectly Fine, about her 2008 break-up from Joe Jonas was, as she admitted on Twitter, a throwback to her old self who eviscerated in song anyone who had wronged her – without naming names, of course.

Perfected in recent years by Swift and her particular brand of autobiographical songwriting, singers have long put the focus of their ire in their lyrical crosshairs to produce revenge songs about lost love, broken hearts and traitorous friends that have made for some pop masterpieces over the years.

Before Swift, the likes of Bob Dylan, soul singer Marvin Gaye and John Lennon were airing their grievances in public, with the latter's former Beatles' bandmate, Paul McCartney, the focus of finely crafted digs.

In country music, Miranda Lambert has made a career out of tales of love gone wrong and men she's kicked to the curb, while in pop, Justin Timberlake built his entire career on songs based on his break-up from Britney Spears.

Scroll through the gallery for 10 famous revenge tracks and the stories behind the lyrical tongue-lashings …