Ramadan 2024 playlists and podcasts from Anghami, Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music

Streaming platforms have curated content specifically for the holy month

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Television and online broadcasters are not the only ones vying for your attention during Ramadan.

Music streaming platforms have steadily built their content over the past few years to deliver a strong selection of content tailor-made for the holy month.

Some have gone as far as creating their own Ramadan channels or pages, packed with thematic playlists.

Here is what you can expect from major platforms throughout the month.


Anghami, an Abu Dhabi company, is the only streaming platform launched and developed in the region, so it is expected to pull out all the stops when it comes to Ramadan.

Available under the Ramadan tab on the Explore button are a selection of themed playlists and exclusive podcasts.

A highlight is Jalsa with Anas Bukhas and Hala, a show in which the mother-and-son duo tackle issues related to family and mental health.

Music and television fans should check out the Titrat Ramadan playlist to catch theme songs from some of this season’s biggest dramas.

The Ma Ba'd Al Iftar playlist is a gem, with largely instrumental pieces inspired by the region or created by regional composers. Featured artists include Spain's Jordi Savall, Syria's Noureddine Khourchid and Turkey's Hakan Menguc

A useful selection of podcasts are also available, covering practical tips on how to safeguard your health while fasting during Ramadan and cooking up healthy iftar meals.


Spotify’s offerings are marked by a keen focus on personalised and dynamic content.

Your Ramadan 2024 playlist will be updated regularly, based on the user's music selections throughout the month.

The popular Salam playlist is back with a bumper collection of nasheeds and devotional songs by leaders such as Maher Zain and Mesut Kurtis as well singers Fairouz and Latifa.

Under Podcasts, you will find five Arabic shows, such as Sawalef Prince and Manbet looking at topics from self-acceptance to entrepreneurship advice.

Other podcasts include Hkayat Ramadan, a series of short stories and character studies inspired by Arab and Islamic history, as well as the short-story anthology Juha, Sinbad and 1001 Nights.


While there is no dedicated page, users can access a range of themed content by typing “Ramadan” in the search bar.

Scroll down and you will find a number of well-curated playlists.

Ramadan Focus is full of evocative instrumental oud pieces by artists such as Afro-Khaleeji band Majaz and Iraqi composers Naseer Shamma and Omar Bashir.

Family Time is a heartwarming playlist of modern and classic Arabic pop tunes to suit all tastes. Featured artists include Syrian singer Assala, Emirati-Yemeni singer Balqees and Lebanese musician Wael Kfoury.

Apple Music

Apple Music has not created a dedicated Ramadan category since 2022, but you can access playlists by typing “Ramadan” in the search bar.

There's a limited selection of content here, but the best playlist is Qassidah Inspired by Faith, which includes a selection of Islam-based songs by popular artists Hussain Al Jassmi, Mesut Kurtis, Atif Aslam and Sami Yusuf.

Updated: March 14, 2024, 2:30 PM