Charlie Watts plays posthumously on new Rolling Stones album

Sir Mick Jagger announces band will also release single Angry with accompanying video

From left, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Sir Mick Jagger at the album launch in London. Getty Images
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The late Charlie Watts will appear on a new Rolling Stones album, the members of the band announced on Wednesday.

Hackney Diamonds is the band's first album since the death of drummer Watts in 2021.

It is also the group's first album of original material since 2005.

Guitarist Keith Richards said: “Ever since Charlie is gone it's different.

“He's missing, of course he's missed incredibly, but thanks to Charlie we have Steve Jordan [the drummer], who was his recommendation if anything should happen to him.

“He's been a friend of ours, so he was a natural progression. It would have been a lot harder without Charlie's blessing.”

Frontman Sir Mick Jagger announced the band will release a new single called Angry and accompanying video.

Jagger added that there are 12 tracks on Hackney Diamonds, including two recorded in 2019 with Watts.

Jagger also confirmed original band member Bill Wyman would features on one of the tracks. "We asked Bill to come in and do one track so we have the original line-up on one track," he said.

Richards and Jagger spoke about the recording process and their hopes for Hackney Diamonds.

"It is fun, it is where a band can come together, playing live is the other holy grail, but to record is where the guys can come together and pass around ideas without any interference.

“It's a great place for a band to work it all out."

Asked if they think about how fans will react to their music, he said: "No we just cross our fingers."

Jagger added: "When you go in you've got to please yourselves, you're playing for yourself first. You think later maybe people will like this or they won't like this."

"I don't want to be big-headed but we wouldn't have put this album out if we hadn't really liked it. We said we had to make a record we really love ourselves.

"We are quite pleased with it, we are not big-headed about it, but we hope you all like it."

Updated: September 06, 2023, 2:34 PM