Intravenous wellness treatments - what they are and where you can get them in the UAE

Simon Cowell has waxed lyrical about it and Rihanna has tweeted pictures of getting it done too. Intravenous wellness treatments are gaining popularity as a beauty trend and The Elixir Clinic is now offering 12 VitaDrip treatments to address issues of fatigue, skin problems and hairloss in the UAE.

The Elixer Clinic's Acaena Amoros. Antonie Robertson / The National
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Acaena Amoros, co-founder of The Elixir Clinic, which offers intravenous wellness treatments, looks flushed as she rushes into the CosmeSurge Clinic in Dubai Marina to talk to us about the latest celebrity beauty trend.

The certified nurse, from Spain, had just spent 24 hours on a flight from the United States to oversee the expansion of the London-based clinic’s services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi this year.

“I definitely need one of my VitaDrip infusions to get over the jet lag and dehydration,” says the 31-year-old. “When I feel like having an intravenous therapy, my body tells me. I feel low. And when I’m travelling a lot, I usually have one before and after the trip.”

What was once the last resort to boost energy levels of a sick patient, a concoction of essential vitamins and minerals directly injected into the bloodstream is now a popular beauty must-have.

Simon Cowell is a fan of the treatment and Rihanna even tweeted pictures of herself having it done a few years back.

The Elixir Clinic offers a range of 12 VitaDrips, containing a cocktail of vitamins and minerals to help tackle issues of fatigue, immunity, dehydration, hair loss, skin problems and cholesterol.

Currently available at CosmeSurge cosmetic surgery clinics in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, a new centre will open in Al Marina area in Abu Dhabi next month. The clinic will have visiting doctors from London available to consult with patients on specific treatments, which will be administered by qualified nurses.

Amoros and her partner, Mahi Aramideh, met while helping doctors in the United Kingdom administer high doses of vitamin C through intravenous drips to cancer patients.

“We started seeing the benefits these infusions were having,” says Amoros. “We realised this could help not just sick people, but those who are healthy and can use this to prevent diseases in the future.”

They opened their clinic in 2013 and brought the treatments to the UAE last year.

“I know people in the Middle East like to take care of their health,” says Amoros.

One popular vitamin drip offered by the clinic is the Life Infusion, which has vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, selenium and vitamin B12 to help detox and boost immunity and energy. Their Youthful Beauty is also a favourite, with added glutathione, which is said to improve liver function and have anti-ageing benefits.

But the bestseller – and most expensive treatment – is the VIP Elixir Infusion that combines minerals, vitamins and amino acids, including ­L-carnitine, to boost the metabolism, and ­biotin and B5 for better hair and nails.

“A healthy lifestyle is key to staying fit, but these infusions are as good as supplements, which a lot of people take orally,” says Amoros. “The benefit with intravenous therapy is that you can give high doses of vitamins and minerals that you can’t take orally.”

She says the absorption of supplements is also better through an IV. Amoros recommends an infusion once a week for six weeks to see results.

“Some of the effects are immediate – like you will feel more energetic and awake, your skin will feel hydrated and plump," she says. "But others, such as improved immunity, better hair and nails, are more long-term benefits.”

She says the concoctions are made up of water-soluble vitamins and minerals with no risk of toxicity in healthy ­patients.

“For most of the ingredients, the body flushes out what it doesn’t need,” she says. “But we do not recommend this to people who have kidney failure or severe liver problems or heart disease.”​