From Scrabble to Pictionary: virtual games you can play with friends and family while isolating

Who says you can’t have fun while social distancing?

You can play Scrabble all day long with Scrabble Go
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Just because you're at home doesn't mean you can't have a good old fashioned games night every once in a while – even if your friends or family are all the way across town, in another emirate or in another country. Online games like Houseparty have seen a huge surge in popularity since people took to quarantining - here are some others that may just make you feel like your best friends and family are right besides you.

Scrabble Go

Try the virtual take of this classic board game by downloading Scrabble Go, available on both Android and iOS. While it’s not a multiplayer game (you play one-on-one), it is free, and you can literally play at your convenience, all day long, with different people. Not a fan of the app? Words with Friends 2 is another option for Scrabble lovers.

People around the world are playing Pictionary online with

Love Pictionary? Skribbl is an online multiplayer version. A host sets the number of rounds of be played, and every player gets a chance to choose (out of three options) which word they have to draw. Players able to guess the word in the least amount of time get more points. Word of warning – drawing is a lot harder on laptop’s touchpad. Using a tablet will definitely set the odds in your favour.

Jackbox Games

Jackbox gives you the opportunity to play games likes Fibbage and Survive the Internet. Twitter/ @jackboxgames

Download a party pack (or six) and you'll be set for multiplayer gaming entertainment for a while. You get about five games per pack and every one is different. Fibbage, for example, sees you and your fellow players trying to make up believable lies to fool each other. You Don't Know Jack is a fun trivia-based quiz, while Survive the Internet will have you trying to write the funniest captions for online memes. You can play these via Zoom with a number of players - how many depends on the game. Could be six, could be eight, could be 16 - and so on. It'll keep you busy for hours


Win points by fooling your friends with this fun multiplayer game. Twitter/ @psych

Easily one of the most popular free multiplayer “party games” out there - and you don’t even have to be at a party to enjoy it. Choose from a variety of categories and make up fake answers to real questions; if you can get others to choose your fake answer, you get more points. This one is time-bound, so many sure everyone is free before you start a game.


The paid app is available on both Android and iOS, giving you a chance to see the well-loved game come to life on screen. The animated 3D city is a treat to explore and you can challenge friends and family across the world with its multiplayer mode (there is also a solo mode available with the app’s AI – but where’s the fun in that?). The app also has a quick mode for those who want to play shorter games of 20 minutes.