What's a tiny detail in films you find really annoying? People share their pet peeves

Like when the 'Game of Thrones' crew left a Starbucks coffee cup in the background. They are so irritating ...

Very obviously faked family portraits for movies, like this one of Nicolas Cafe in 'Left Behind', annoy people, according to a viral Twitter thread.
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You know how, in those classic action movies, all the baddies die so easily and yet our hero manages to withstand powerful beatings from some of the strongest men alive, only to walk away with a little limp and a cut on the lip?

Annoying, right?

And let us not even get started on unforgivable mistakes, such as when the Game of Thrones crew left a Starbucks coffee cup in a shot, or a thermal flask found its way into the period drama Little Women.

These little details have sparked a lively conversation on Twitter, after a thread posted by film writer Ross Miller went viral.

"Friday film question: what's a tiny little detail from a movie, or trend in movies, that bugs the hell out of you?" he asked, clarifying: "Not anything major, just specific."

He received hundreds of responses.

Miller kicks it off with this: "For me I hate it when there's bad Photoshop, like with a character's family photo etc. There really is no excuse, especially in a big multi-million dollar Hollywood film."

To which another user replies with a great example from Left Behind, starring Nicolas Cage:

Chelsea Peretti, who plays Gina in comedy TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, came straight in with a classic example:

To which another Twitter user replied:

Driving while not looking at the road came up:

As did superheroes' questionable disguises:

One user cited a pretty hilarious example from Ricky Gervais's dark comedy show After Life (watch the video clip in the tweet):

Miller chimed in again to cite some of the most popular responses to his thread so far, including cups that are clearly empty in a scene, as well as not saying "goodbye" at the end of phone conversations.

Actress Donna Champlin piped up at that, adding not closing the front door to the mix:

People also got specific about locations:

To which Miller's quippy response was:

Footwear choices during chase scenes were also questioned:

Unlikely dialogue to set a scene was a target...

And we will leave you with this one, although there are hundreds more funny anecdotes and suggestions to peruse on the thread: