Warner Bros to release new 'Lord of the Rings' anime blockbuster

Twenty years since the first JRR Tolkien-inspired film trilogy, Middle Earth fans can look forward to more fantasy adventure on the big screen

Warner Bros and New Line Cinemas have paired up to release a new Lord of the Rings anime film. Courtesy Warner Bros Animation
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Fans of The Lord of the Rings film trilogy can look forward to a new action film set in Middle-Earth.

Warner Bros has announced a new anime film set in the epic fantasy world of JRR Tolkein.

The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim is being produced by Warner Bros Animation and New Line Cinema and penned by the writers responsible for Netflix's Emmy-winning The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. 

Inspired by The Lord of the Rings novels, the film will tell the story of a legendary battle that shaped Middle-Earth in the years leading up to events seen in the 2001 Lord of the Rings film series, said a statement from Warner Bros.

The new anime film will be a standalone story that will also act as companion piece to the Tolkein-inspired films, directed by Peter Jackson.

The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim is set to be directed by veteran anime filmmaker Kenji Kamiyama. The long-serving Japanese director is best known for his work on Eden of the EastNapping Princess and Netflix's Ultraman.

He'll be joined by screenwriters Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews who will document the battle for Helm's Deep, the fortress from the 2002 film, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

The new anime movie will also explore the story of the King of Rohan, Helm Hammerhand.

Philippa Boyens, who scooped an Oscar for screenplay on the 2003 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Kin, is consulting on the project, according to Variety.

Twenty years since Fellowship of the Ring was released, Warner Bros hopes to find success with a follow-up to its live-action film trilogy. Animation is being created by Sola Entertainment and no release date has been set for the new film at this stage.

Amazon is filming a new 'Lord of the Rings' television series in New Zealand, set to be released later this year. Courtesy Warner Bros / AP

Warner Bros distributed The Lord of the Rings series from 2001, and followed it up with The Hobbit trio. Between them, the six films grossed almost $6 billion at box offices around the world.

Fans of Middle-Earth can also look forward to some Second Age action, this time on the small screen. Amazon is currently filming a multi-season Lord of the Rings television series in New Zealand. Production has been delayed due to the global pandemic, but the series is planned for release later this year.