'Thalapathy 63' becomes 'Bigil': Details of Vijay's upcoming sports epic released

The title of the film, 'Bigil', and film posters were released a day before the actor's birthday

The first look of 'Thalapathy 63' has been released via Twitter on the eve of Vijay's birthday. Courtesy Twitter.
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It may be Vijay's birthday, but it's the Tamil cinema legend's fans who are getting the gifts this year.

Vijay, often referred to in the media and by fans as Thalapathy, has bestowed new details about his upcoming big budget epic to an eager public on the eve of his 45th birthday.

Simply tweeting out two of the movie's posters, with no accompanying caption other than the hashtag #Bigil, the actor gave audiences a first look at the upcoming film.

The first poster appears to show Vijay in two starkly different get-ups, one as an older man in a traditional Indian veshti, while a youthful Vijay stands behind him as a young footballer, throwing a ball. The second shows him in four different outfits.

However, the film's production house, AGS Entertainment, were a little more forthcoming with the finer details.

"Kalpathi S Aghoram proudly presents our very own #Thalapathy @actorvijay as #BIGIL @Atlee_dir @arrahman @Ags_production," AGS's chief executive Archana Kalpathi wrote.

Until now, details of the film, which is to be released in October to coincide with Diwali, have been scarce.

However, with arguably Indian cinema's most celebrated female actress, Nayanthara, as the female lead, as well as appearances by Jackie Shroff, Daniel Balaji, Varsha Bollamma, Vivek, Kathir and many more, it's promised a powerhouse cast.

Directed by Atlee, the film has been described as a "sports action thriller".

Excitement surrounding the film has recently reached fever pitch.

Last month, a colossal football set that cost Rs 6 crore (Dh3.2 million), was built last month for the film, and news that over a dozen women will star as athletes in the film has excited Indian cinema's female fanbase.

With Vijay's 45th birthday falling on June 22, eagle-eyed fans have created hashtags and are keeping a close eye on social media to see if any further details will be gifted to the public.

Bigil is expected to release for Diwali 2019 – a favoured release date for Vijay. In 2017 and 2018, he set the Diwali box office on fire by releasing Mersal and Sarkar.

A R Rahman is composing the music for the film, and has been singing its praises for months, saying he believed it was a groundbreaking release for Tamil cinema.

Regardless, it seems to have been an ingenious marketing stunt from the film's team. As well wishes from prominent Indian celebrities and fans alike flood in for Vijay's birthday, so too do the messages of support for his upcoming release, leading Bigil to quickly shoot to the top of trending subjects worldwide.

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