NetflixPartyAD: the student-led group bringing a social aspect to streaming movies

The group, which was set up by five students from the Raha International School, shows films thrice a week, from 7pm to 9pm

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So you've barrelled through all four seasons of Money Heist, got around to watching Tiger King (including its just-released eighth episode) and checked out all the Studio Ghibli movies. Well, what now?

As you Netflix and wait for the coronavirus to tide back, you may be finding that there’s really nothing like streaming a few films and shows to help you get by these confined times.

But you may be unsure of what to watch next, or maybe you're craving to add a social aspect to your Netflix streaming? A local viewing viewing group might be what you're looking for. A bunch of students from a school in the capital have launched a Netflix Party group in Abu Dhabi.

Netflix Party is a chrome extension that offers a new way of watching the streaming platform with others. The service synchronises video playback across group members and adds a chat function.

NetflixPartyAD is a group within the service that connects people around the country as they watch Netflix offerings. Movies are decided through polls on their Instagram account (@NetflixPartyAD), while showings occur every evening on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7pm to 9pm.

The group was set up by five Grade 11 students from the Raha International School: Maitha Thabet, Megan McEwan, Angelica Raagas, Niels Koornneef, and Sarah Yasmine.

"We found inspiration for the project through our personal experience with Netflix Party. We saw that it was a great way for us to stay in touch with our friends while still social distancing," the students said, adding that they developed NetflixPartyAD with the help of with their supervisor Carlos Noguera, the head of faculty for the arts at Raha International School.

“We came up with this idea a few weeks ago while we were discussing ways we could keep our community connected during this tough situation. Movies present us with a temporary world that allows us to escape our current reality which is heavily important especially during these difficult times.”

A number of films have screened on the group since it launched on March 23, including La La Land, Grown Ups 2, Zodiac, The Shining, The Blind Side and The Dark Knight.

The group said that they are planning to include films from a variety of genres, but ultimately, the choice lies with the audience.

“The films we end up showing are ultimately up to the audience as we post polls with four potential films from a certain genre and show the film with the most votes,” they said.

You can stay updated on what movies the NetflixPartyAD group will show next through their Instagram page. The page also provides details on how to join Netflix Party.