'Mortal Kombat' to 'Lara Croft': Ranking the best movies based on video games

Adaptations haven't always got the formula right. Here, we round up the best and the worst of the lot

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Cinema and video games have tried to meld since gaming became a global phenomenon in the 1990s. While game developers managed to make their games more cinematic, movies based on video games have yet to achieve an acceptable level of success.

Some films adapted from video games still manage to remind the viewers of how much they enjoyed playing the game, or at least get non-gamers interested in playing.

In this list, we rank 13 major video-game adaptations, taking into account the film's quality, its fun factor, how close is it to the source material and how much potential it had.

Scroll through the gallery above to see a ranking of 13 movie-game adaptions.


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