In honour of Honor Blackman: the best five films to watch featuring the James Bond actress

Following news of the actress's death, we round up her greatest works worth a watch in her memory

Portrait of James Bond actors Sean Connery and Honor Blackman, to promote the film 'Goldfinger', 1964. (Photo by Express/Getty Images)
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One of the first Bond girls bid the world farewell this week.

Honor Blackman, who starred in 007 hit Goldfinger, died at her home in Lewes, UK, aged 94, her family revealed in a statement on Monday, April 6.

“As well as being a much-adored mother and grandmother, Honor was an actor of hugely prolific creative talent; with an extraordinary combination of beauty, brains and physical prowess, along with her unique voice and a dedicated work ethic," the statement added.

"She achieved an unparalleled iconic status in the world of film and entertainment and with absolute commitment to her craft and total professionalism in all her endeavours she contributed to some of the great films and theatre productions of our times.”

The English actress made her film debut, albeit in a non-speaking role, in 1947's Fame Is the Spur, and went on to find fame with roles in classics such as A Night to Remember and Something Big.

Blackman was also a veteran of the stage and small screen, with a CV that included appearances in the likes of The Upper Hand, Midsomer Murders and long-running British soap opera, Coronation Street.

While she has appeared in modern hits such as Bridget Jones's Diary (she made a cameo at a fancy-dress garden party), younger audiences may be less familiar with her impressive back catalogue of work.

Here, we round up five of Blackman's most famous performances to watch in her memory.


We would be remiss not to include the actress's arguably most renowned role as Pussy Galore in the 1964 James Bond classic. Blackman played a pilot of the film's namesake villain, who turns double-agent to help Sean Connery's 007 take down bullion dealer Goldfinger. Her performance subsequently netted her inclusion, if not top billing, in nearly every list of Bond's best female sidekicks ever since. Blackman was 38 when she filmed her role, making her one of the older Bond girls to appear in a 007 film – five years older, in fact, than co-star Connery.

'The Avengers'

Blackman starred in this espionage TV series between 1962 and 1964, playing Cathy Gale, an anthropologist who moonlighted as secret agent. Her work on The Avengers actually scored Blackman her role in Goldfinger, according to producer Albert Broccoli. The actress also learnt judo for her work on the TV series, and was noted for her physical, as well as emotional, range on camera.


Blackman teamed up with Connery again in this 1968 Western, along with Brigitte Bardot, Jack Hawkins and Peter van Eyck. Blackman played Lady Julia Daggett, part of a hunting party set upon by Native American warriors after entering Apache territory. It might not be the greatest Western of all time, but is a hallmark of the sub-genre, European Westerns.

'Life at the Top'

The timeless issues in this 1965 drama are as relevant today as when it was first released. A follow-up from 1950's Room at the Top, the tale follows Joe Lampton, a man who married the daughter of a wealthy mill owner and is now working as a swish executive with a Jaguar car and a sprawling home – but the dream life isn't quite what he'd hoped. Blackman plays Norah Hauxley, a widowed reporter who becomes close to Lampton, a relationship which sparks a troubling confession from the protagonist's wife.

'Jason and the Argonauts'

This 1963 fantasy film follows ancient Greek mythological hero Jason, who led a band of adventurers called the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece, the wool of a gold winged ram. Blackman plays the goddess Hera, who acts as the title character's protector and guides him through his quest.