From 'Wolverine' to 'Deadpool': all 11 X-Men films ranked

We countdown the best and worst of the franchise ahead of 'Dark Phoenix' release

To celebrate the imminent arrival of X-Men: Dark Phoenix over Eid, 20th Century Fox declared “X-Men Day” would take place on May 13.

While the day may have not quite entered the public consciousness to the same degree as New Year’s Day, or even Star Wars Day (may the fourth be with you), it did give us an opportunity to see an exclusive selection of footage from the new film at a special screening in Dubai to try and work out where the much-loved franchise might head next.

This is because the film is essentially the last one in the series’ current format after parent company Fox was acquired by Disney, home of the main Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. So, as the current cycle of the X-Men franchise draws to a close, we look back over 20 years of Professor X, Wolverine and the rest of the gang, and rank all the X-Men films to date, from 2000's debut outing right up to last year's Deadpool 2.

Click though the gallery above to see which X-Men film made the top spot.


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Published: June 3, 2019 03:58 PM