5 takeaways from the final trailer for Avengers: Infinity War

It's been announced that the film will come out in the MIddle East on April 26

Characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will meet for the first time such as Peter Quill's Star-Lord and Tony Stark's Iron Man.
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Marvel released its final trailer for Avengers: Infinity War on Friday, March 16. The video amassed more than 21 million views in 22 hours, and it is currently the top trending video on YouTube.

The film is highly anticipated, as it features almost every superhero from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's just been announced the blockbuster movie (which will be spread over two films) will come out on April 26, a day before its scheduled US release.

Here are five takeaways from the trailer (which you can watch at the end of the article). Beware, there are some spoilers below if you are not all caught up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

1. Welcome to Wakanda

Marvel probably had no idea how big a hit Black Panther would be but fans of the film are sure to enjoy another trip back to the fictional nation in Africa. In the trailer, it appears a big battle is set to take place there. The location was so popular, Hotels.com reports that it has actually seen a real-life surge in online traffic searches for places that sounded like or were spelt similarly to "Wakanda".

2. Superhero meets superhero

There's something oddly satisfying about seeing superheroes meet one another for the first time. Even though it all takes place in the same cinematic universe, seeing Star-Lord (from Guardians of the Galaxy) interact with Iron Man is intriguing. It's two mouthy and witty heroes paired together who wouldn't otherwise be.

The trailer previews other star-studded interactions, including Thor with The Guardians of the Galaxy's Rocket Raccoon and Groot, as well as Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.

3. Where’s Hawkeye and Ant-Man?

While the trailer reveals the many characters set for the film, there are also some conspicuous absences. Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye doesn't seem to make an appearance nor does Paul Rudd's Ant-Man. Perhaps when you've produced 18 films in a single cinematic universe, it can be hard to keep storylines together. The last time fans saw either was in Captain America: Civil War where both were captured and imprisoned in an underwater jail.

4. Look, it's Loki

Everyone's favourite bad (but sometimes good) guy Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) makes another appearance in a Marvel film. It was suspected that Thor: Ragnarok would be his final film in the franchise. However, his character has been so popular there have been demands for a spin-off. In the trailer, he's shown with a cast of bad guys known as the Black Order. However, it remains to be seen if he's there on his own or being held captive.

5. The end of an era

Fans realise both Robert Downey Jr's and Chris Evans's time as their superhero counterparts Iron Man and Captain American are coming to an end. There’s speculation that one, if not both characters may be killed off during the Infinity War, which will take place over the course of two films. With Downey Jr kicking off the Marvel Universe with his film back in 2008, and Evans’s Captain America as the leader of The Avengers, saying goodbye to either will be difficult for fans.

To watch the full trailer, click below:


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