The most common Hollywood movie cliches: from hackers to unsurvivable explosions

The Tinseltown tropes you see in every film that make zero sense in real life, because who on earth abandons their car outside an airport?

From the awkward girl getting the guy to American infallibility when faced with a global disaster, Hollywood films are jam-packed with tireless tropes. Photo: 20th Century Fox, Touchstone Pictures, Summit Entertainment
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When it comes to cliches, Hollywood has been guilty of them all throughout the years.

From heroes who walk away from fights that would kill mere mortals to those dashes through airport security that would land anyone in real-life in prison (yes you, Love Actually), Tinseltown has never met a trope it didn’t love.

Delving into the meta-sphere of the cinematic eye-roll, actor Rob Lowe is set to host a new Netflix show, out on September 28, about such cliches, aptly titled Attack of the Hollywood Cliches!

Having already given romcoms the cliche treatment with 2019’s Isn’t It Romantic, starring Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth, the streaming platform looks set to follow in the footsteps of popular YouTube channel CinemaSins.

In it, commentators point out all of the tropes and continuity flaws in films such as Twilight, Spider-Man, Cruella, Pretty Woman and more.

Attack of the Hollywood Cliches “analyses the origins and evolutions of everything from ‘Walking away from an Explosion', to the ‘Meet-Cute' and ‘Females Running in stilettos’,” says Netflix.

“There’s also a ‘Wilhelm Scream’ montage for real movie buffs.”

For the uninitiated, the Wilhelm Scream is a stock sound effect that has been used in films and TV series since 1951.

So, if you've ever watched a film or TV show and wondered who on Earth has the time to get up that early to make pancakes no one eats, here are 16 cliches to cross off your Hollywood movie bingo card …

1. The average guy getting the hot girl

Obviously beauty is objective but is Adam Sandler that objectively attractive that he gets to date Jennifer Aniston and Salma Hayek, two of Hollywood’s most beautiful women?

And how about Kevin James winning the heart of actual supermodel Amber Valletta in Hitch? Shall we assume these films were written by men? *Googles*. Yes. Yes, they were.

Then, on the flipside we have ...

2. The shy, awkward girl gets the guy

In 'Twilight', Edward Cullen famously thirsted for Bella Swan, despite her showing next to no personality. Photo: Summit Entertainment