Extreme Frontiers: across North America by land, air and water

Charley Boorman and his mates motorcycle, paddle, ride and fly across Canada in Extreme Frontiers, what appears to be the first in a series.

Extreme Frontiers
Charley Boorman with Jeff Gulvin
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Few things are as certain in life as what to expect from a Charley Boorman book.

Having gained celebrity as the partner-in-adventure of Ewan McGregor through Long Way Round, the television series and book of their circumnavigation of the globe by motorcycle, Boorman has since embarked on his own series of telegenic adventures, accompanied by cross-promoting books.

There are no tortured treatises on the human condition here; instead it is another instalment in the literary genre best described as affable blokeishness and which features a depth of analysis that would fail to get to the bottom of a Petri dish. But that's what those behind this project believe this segment of the market wants and their success so far would seem to support that view.

For the latest in what seems intended to be the start of an Extreme Frontiers series, Boorman's group motorbikes, paddles, climbs, rides and flies across Canada in what appears at times to be a somewhat random join-the-dots journey, linking telegenic opportunities and for which this ghostwriter-produced book reads like an afterthought.