Compact and precise guide to solving business growth

Build, borrow or buy – an entrepreneur needs to know which to do, and when.

Build, Borrow, or Buy Laurence Capron and Will Mitchell
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Build, Borrow, or Buy
Laurence Capron and Will Mitchell
Harvard Business Review Press

Build, Borrow, or Buy is a handbook for the organisation keen to expand its capital and, in turn, market share. Compact and precise, it is an accessible guide to "solving the growth dilemma" through the advice of financial experts Laurence Capron and Will Mitchell, complete with case studies of both failures and success stories from various industries.

The concepts of building, borrowing, and buying are each granted their individual sections within which their pros and risks are elaborated. Supported by their own statistics garnered from separate research, Capron and Mitchell present an objective case for careful planning in charting an organisation's progress from harnessing the unique capacities of its employees to absorbing the skills of external workforces after a merger. Emphasis is also placed on utilising the right method at the right time.

While Capron warns readers early on that any corporate venture is easier said (or read) than done, the presentation of their framework on how to better a business goes a long way in providing information on an often complicated process.