Quintessence: An upcoming exhibition in Abu Dhabi

Water by Lucy Griffin. Courtesy of Lucia Griffin.
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These are just a few of the photographs to go on display in a couple of weeks at Cafe Arabia in Abu Dhabi.

The exhibition, which covers the elements of earth, wind, fire and water as well as the fifth element, sometimes known as aether. “Quintessence is a long forgotten Latin term describing the fifth element and it is the subject of the latest exhibition from the Wednesday Group Photographers,” they write in their statement. “The exhibition is about the challenge to take one or more of the elements and artistically fuse them together using the mysterious fifth element, sometimes also known as aether, which was the element the ancient Greeks believed joined the natural elements together with space, time and the stars and that which they had no explanation for.”

What I like about this exhibition is that it is hosted by artists and for artists and it is in one of the coolest cafes in the capital. It opens on March 1st, just as art season in Dubai kicks off, so it is good to know that art lovers in the capital will also have something to whet their senses.

* Opening hours of Cafe Arabia are from 8am-10.30pm. Opening night on Sunday 1st March at 7pm. Complimentary drinks for guests.