Lego, but not as you know it: Toymaker reveals kits that help you create pop-culture wall art

The new Lego Art sets feature famous celebrities, as well as Marvel and 'Star Wars' characters

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Ever wanted to try your hand at creating a Pop Art piece? Or have your favourite Star Wars or Marvel characters displayed in your living room with the loud and bold colours the movement is known for?

Maybe Warhol’s method of photographic silkscreen printing is above your skill grade, but there is another way.

The Lego group has launched four new Lego Art sets to give adults a different way to transform their passion for the tiny bricks into art. The new sets come with a black canvas (or in this case, small interlinking base plates) that can be fitted with Lego tiles.

The sets – which contain around 3,000 pieces each – then allow you to build a 2D pop-culture poster on said base.

One of the sets is a Lego version of Andy Warhol’s famous Marilyn Monroe portrait. Lego builders can recreate the 1967 bright pink screen print using the Danish toy maker’s bricks. And it doesn’t even have to be in bright pink; you can build the piece in three different colours using the Lego tiles or completely reimagine the piece to suit your artistic temperament.

The set comes with a soundtrack that shares some stories and insights about the US artist from those who knew him best.

The Beatles also get a Pop Art makeover, with fans able to pick one of the unique sets or collect all four. The sets come with an accompanying soundtrack with stories about the Fab Four.

A three-in-one Iron Man set lets builders decide whether to power their hero with either the Mark III, the Hulkbuster Mark 1, or the Mark LXXXV, with an accompanying soundtrack that has details about the set as well as stories from Marvel experts.

A Star Wars set, meanwhile, dubbed The Sith, celebrates the villains from a galaxy far, far away.

The three-in-one set lets builders choose between portraits that pay tribute to Darth Vader, Darth Maul or Kylo Ren. You could also take the artwork to the next level by combining three sets into an ultimate Darth Vader wall piece.

This one comes with a soundtrack as well, which lets you listen to music from the films or hear some fun stories from the Star Wars creators.