Lebanon's first Picasso exhibition opens in Beirut

A collection of 20 works spanning over 70 years are on view at the Sursock Museum until 2020

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Lebanon’s first exhibition of works by Pablo Picasso opened at the Sursock Museum in Beirut on Friday, September 27.

Themed Picasso et la famille (Picasso and the family), the show explores the ways the Spanish artist portrayed the concept of family in his work, from mother and child paintings, depictions of childhood and his own conceptual reflections on fatherhood.

The result of a collaboration between the Sursock Museum and the Picasso-Paris National Museum, Picasso et la famille features 20 works, ranging from drawings and paintings to etchings and sculptures.

Visitors observe the artwork "The Barefoot Girl" (1895) by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso  displayed at the Sursock Museum in the Lebanese capital Beirut on September 27, 2019. Lebanon launched its first exhibition of late Spanish artist Pablo Picasso's works this month with more than 20 works centred around the theme of family, organisers said. The exhibition will run until January next year.

Selected by Sursock Museum specifically for the exhibition, the works date from 1895 to 1972, encompassing a range of different styles, including Picasso’s beginnings in realism to his experimentation in Cubism.

Curators Camille Frasca from the Picasso-Paris National Museum and Yasmine Chemali from the Sursock museum have also incorporated archival material about the artist’s life and career to help contextualise the works for the public.

The exhibition arrives in Lebanon’s capital as part of the Picasso-Mediterranee project, a two-year cultural initiative by the Picasso-Paris National Museum, which started during the spring of 2017. With a programme of over 40 exhibitions across the Mediterranean, including Morocco, Turkey, Italy and Greece, the initiative aims to bring Picasso’s work to the places at inspired him.

Private financing proved to be crucial for the exhibition, which is fully funded by Daniele de Picciotto, the wife of Lebanese-Swiss banker and art collector Edgar de Picciotto.

Free to the public, Picasso et la famille runs until Monday, January 6, 2020.