Artist eL Seed shares colouring book versions of his murals for people to print at home

The French-Tunisian artist says he wants people to interpret his previous projects in their own way

Artist eL Seed’s calligraphic graffiti murals have transformed public places around the world. He has painted on rooftops in Brazilian favelas, minarets of mosques in Tunisia and facades of buildings in Beirut.

Now, he has released a colouring book with images of previous public art projects for people to print at home, as more people remain indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The book, which is available for free on eL Seed’s website, includes images of his previous public art projects and corresponding outline versions for people to fill in.

It includes some of his best-known works, such as The Words of Gabriela, which he created in Rio de Janeiro in 2014. Featuring the words of poet Gabriela Torres Barbosa in pink calligraphic script, it reads, “You forgot how to love your people, to love your country, country of the poor, country of the black.”

There is also his colourful mural in Cape Town bearing a quote by Nelson Mandela — “It always seems impossible, until is it done” — and a complex large-scale piece in London with John Locke’s words, “It is one thing to show a man that he is in an error, and another to put him in possession of the truth.”

On his Instagram, eL Seed said he is looking forward to how people “interpret” his calligraphy through the colouring book.

It is not the first time the artist has developed artistic initiatives during the pandemic. At the end of April, he gathered 49 people together to create an artwork via the video conferencing platform Zoom. With the use of Zoom backgrounds and careful timing as eL Seed choreographed each participant's entry into the call, he was able to create a digital collage in the platform's Gallery View.

eL Seed's colouring book is available on