18 artworks that sum up what National Day means to those who call the UAE home

We asked readers to paint, knit, draw, photograph something that symbolised the UAE - here are the best works we received

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We asked our readers to come up with the image that best summed up what National Day means to them. The response was overwhelming – scroll through the gallery above to see all of our favourite entries – but this, we thought, was the best:

Nissa Riyas, India, UAE 47 - The Metamorphosis

National Day Competition - Nissa Riyas

“Underlying the glitter and sheen that blinds the world is the story of Metamorphosis, a story where a desert turned into an oasis of hopes and dreams for people from all over the world. This proud nation weaves incessantly, the cocoons from where they let us all emerge as butterflies. The world is dazzled by the vibrant colours and smooth flutter of its wings, but few know that it has been an arduous yet passionate 47-year long journey. These 47 butterflies, each signifying the unending journey to perfection, stand for these years, on which the glory of this land rests. The UAE is truly more than what it seems to be”

The runners up

Beerta Maini, the US, Happiness and National Pride

National Day Competition - Beerta Maini

"I attended the UAE National Day Parade in Downtown Dubai. In this photograph I was able to capture the national pride and joy of two Emiratis sharing their heritage."

Andy Anderson, the US, Impressionistic UAE Flag

‘Happiness and National Pride’ by Andy Anderson

"A huge UAE flag draped on a downtown Abu Dhabi building is reflected on another building across the street, near Old Airport Road."

Mohamed Fouqd Mohamed Firdows, India, Unity is Strength

Mohamed Fouqd Mohamed Firdows, originally from India: ‘Unity is Strength’

"The Rulers and the citizens of the United Arab Emirates made their national flag fly straight and proud."

Ricardo Diaz Quimada, the Philippines, Bonding Moments

‘Bonding Moments’

"It’s the typical family bonding moment that makes this photo meaningful for me. Spending quality time together in the park relaxes the mind and the body."

Jack Lee, China, Sheikh Zayed

Jack Lee, originally from China: ‘Sheikh Zayed’

"Sheikh Zayed is pictured drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. Things are under his control and he is relaxed and calm. This image shows the dignity of the Founding Father and the peace and prosperity of the country."

Nadia Fernandes, Portugal, Heritage

Nadia Fernandes, originally from Portugal: ‘Heritage’

"This is my representation of the true emblems of the UAE’s rich cultural heritage."


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