Expo 2020 Spain Pavilion artist Daniel Canogar set for regional solo debut in Dubai

Galloire will showcase an exhibition by the Spanish artist exploring technological reality

Danial Canogar's Chyron Wallpaper work. Photo: Studio Daniel Canogar
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Spanish installation artist Daniel Canogar will hold his first solo exhibition in the region at Galloire Art Gallery in City Walk, Dubai on January 23.

The Spanish artist has previously exhibited work in the Middle East, with an interactive audiovisual project titled Dynamo in the Spain Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. Produced in collaboration with the composer Francisco Lopez, the work — with three sculptural screens shaped like interlaced loops that responded to visitor input by generating audiovisual content — proved incredibly popular.

He also presented an ambitious building-sized laser projection titled Bifurcation at Saudi Arabia's annual light and art festival, Noor Riyadh, in 2021.

In his new Dubai solo show, Loose Threads, Canogar will showcase today’s technological reality, exploring the many fabrics and patterns that weave informational threads together and how vast amounts of data shape our digitised lives.

From cables, base plates and input ports to data flows, ones and zeros, the textile dimension of technology will be presented in Dubai, a city and region that Canogar believes is the perfect location for his concept.

"The Arab world has a fascinating history and deep tradition in fabrics and textiles, having led the world in artistry and quality for a time,” Canogar said.

“More than just items to be gifted or traded, fabrics represented and told the stories of culture, society, politics and economics. Combining that history with the backdrop of today's Dubai, very much a city of the future and leading the way in so many aspects of the digital age, made it the perfect place to present Loose Threads."

Over the years, Canogar has studied and explored how mobile devices have transformed the world through overstimulation and exposure to extreme and exaggerated versions of reality. He has translated these observations into a series of interactive works including Ripple in 2016, Billow in 2020 and Chyron in 2022.

Loose Threads questions many aspects of the modern world, from financial fragility, to life and death during the pandemic, through a calm and reflective experience in an attempt to allow the viewer to better process these crucial issues.

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Updated: January 16, 2023, 10:32 AM