Ali F Mostafa’s The Worthy to premiere at London Film Festival

A scene from Ali F Mostafa’s The Worthy. Courtesy Image Nation Abu Dhabi
A scene from Ali F Mostafa’s The Worthy. Courtesy Image Nation Abu Dhabi

Ali F Mostafa’s latest movie, The Worthy — the third feature film from the leading Emirati director of City of Life and From A to B, will have its world premiere at October’s BFI London Film Festival.

The movie, a dystopian horror set in a post-apocalyptic Arab world, is produced by leading Abu Dhabi production house Image Nation. Image Nation declined to comment further on the news, pending an official statement “in the next few days”.

However, the festival’s website lists three screenings for the movie, the first at 6pm on October 8 at the Vue West End Cinema. Sources close to the event have also confirmed that Mostafa will be attending the premiere.

It’s not the first time that Image Nation has debuted its movies at the London Festival — last year’s psychological thriller Zinzana also debuted in London last October ahead of a high-profile regional premiere at December’s Dubai International Film Festival.

The Worthy will not be the only film with regional links at this year’s event. There are currently about 20 films with links to the region listed on the BFI’s schedule, including Mohamed Diab’s critically acclaimed Clash, which will be in official competition, and Sarah Taskler’s Bassem Youssef documentary Tickling Giants.

Published: September 6, 2016 04:00 AM