A Monster in Paris

It may be best to leave the little ones at home and enjoy this little movie for yourself.

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Director: Bibo Bergeron
Starring: (voices of) Sean Lennon, Vanessa Paradis, Adam Goldberg, Danny Huston, Jay Harrington

Bibo Bergeron, who directed Shark Tale and worked on Hollywood movies such as Bee Movie and Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, returned to his native France to make this animated film set in the Paris of 1910.

Emile (Harrington), a shy film projectionist, and his friend Raoul (Goldberg), a part-time inventor, unleash something a bit unusual when they spill some potions at a local professor's laboratory.

Their accident creates a giant flea who escapes into the heart of the city, leaving people talking about the "monster" they have seen, but the creature is actually a kind-hearted fellow with a beautiful singing voice who wouldn't harm a, erm, flea. It's up to Emile, Raoul and a local singer Lucille (Paradis) to protect him when a policeman (Huston) tries to track the supposedly dangerous monster down.

Featuring two little love stories at its heart - Emile is secretly in love with Maud, an usherette, while Raoul and Lucille have a history - this is almost more for adults than children, who may not appreciate the richly coloured animation, the lovely period-style music or the gentle storyline that relies on warm humour rather than out-and-out laughs (although the professor's monkey, who is far more intelligent than most of the humans in the movie, does provide some giggles). In fact, it may be best to leave the little ones at home and enjoy this one for yourself.