Eid Al Adha 2024: The biggest films coming to cinemas in the Middle East

Fans can look forward to a horror directorial debut, an Egyptian threequel and a historical epic

The Watchers is directed by Ishana Shyamalan in her directorial debut. Photo: New Line Cinema
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As Eid Al Adha draws near, excitement is building for new film releases during the Islamic holiday.

This year, it is expected to fall on Sunday, June 16. Coinciding with the typical release period for blockbuster films, Eid will be a more humble experience this time round. High-budget films such as Furiosa: a Mad Max Saga and Deadpool & Wolverine will be released before or after the holiday.

Here are the major releases coming to cinemas in the UAE for Eid Al Adha 2024.

Ahl Al Kahf

The most anticipated film this Eid Al Adha is the fictional historical epic Ahl Al Kahf. Adapted from a book of the same name by author Tawfiq Al-Hakim, the film tells the story of three characters who mysteriously wake up after three centuries of sleep.

Ahl Al Kahf stars Khaled Nabawy, Reem Mostafa and Muhammad Farrag and is directed by Amr Arafa, who previously directed Africano in 2001 and Alzheimer's in 2010.

The film presents an experience of alienation and confusion wrapped in a fictional setting but firmly steeped in history and its truths and lessons.

The trailer for Ahl Al Kahf showcases an exhilarating experience, featuring comedic moments alongside a romantic plotline. It includes scenes of battles and duels filmed on location, emphasising the production's commitment to elevating the film's quality without sparing any expense.

The Watchers

Directed by newcomer Ishana Shyamalan, this horror film starring Dakota Fanning and Georgina Campbell deals with themes of isolation, trust and fear of the unknown.

The daughter of horror film auteur M Night Shyamalan, Ishana has previously worked on her father’s projects in different capacities. The Watchers marks her directorial debut, presenting an exciting prospect of continuing the specific brand of horror her father is known for.

The film is an adaptation of Irish author A M Shine’s book of the same name. His work often focuses on the macabre, drawing inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe.

Filmed in Ireland, the trailer for The Watchers shows what looks to be an intense experience in the wilderness, with the prospect of coming face to face with terrifying monsters lurking in the shadows.

Welad Rizk 3

The third film in the successful Welad Rizk series is set to contain surprises for its fans. Directed by Tarek Alarian and starring Ahmed Ezz and Mohamed Mamdouh, the film continues the story of the Rizk brothers and their criminal exploits.

The first film, which was released in 2015, was a box office hit in Egypt and the Arab world. Its success led to a sequel in 2019, further boosting the popularity of the series.

For the third film, it is rumoured that British boxing champion Tyson Fury will be making an appearance. It is not known whether it is a cameo or a larger role, but the inclusion of Fury shows just how big the Egyptian film franchise has become.

All three films in the series were written by Salah El Gehiny who also worked on the 2023 comedy film El Matareed and 2019’s horror film 122.

Updated: May 02, 2024, 3:05 AM