New Netflix titles for January, from Bitconned to From the Ashes

Streaming giant has a slate of exciting material planned this month

Saudi film From the Ashes will be released on Netflix on January 18. Photo: Netflix
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Netflix is starting the year by putting its most entertaining foot forward.

The streaming platform has a slate of exciting material planned for January. From a Saudi tragedy to a Uruguayan story of survival, and an American heist film to stand-up specials and limited series, here are nine titles to look forward to this month.


It isn’t a good Netflix month without at least one true-crime release. Bitconned is just that. The documentary tells the story of three scammers who take advantage of the cryptocurrency craze to swindle millions and bankroll lavish lifestyles. The film is directed by Bryan Storkel, who has directed documentaries including The Pez Outlaw and Fight Church.

Release date: January 1

Society of the Snow

Society of the Snow is based on the 1972 Andes flight disaster, in which a Fairchild aircraft carrying members of a Uruguayan rugby team crash-landed in the Andes mountains.

The film takes its cue from Uruguayan journalist Pablo Vierci’s book, which chronicles the accounts of the 16 survivors. Directed by The Orphanage and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom filmmaker J. A. Bayona, it has already picked up some impressive accolades since it began screening at film festivals last autumn.

It made the 2024 Oscar shortlist for Best International Feature Film.

Release date: January 4


It is difficult to imagine a heist film without a stellar ensemble cast, and Lift does not disappoint. The film features comedian Kevin Hart, Money Heist’s Ursula Corbero, Loki’s Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Avatar’s Sam Worthington, as well as Vincent D'Onofrio, Jean Reno and Billy Magnussen.

Release date: January 12

From the Ashes

The Saudi film is inspired by a real-life disaster. From the Ashes revolves around a fire that started in the basement of an all-girls school. The film is the second feature by Khaled Fahed, who directed last year's Valley Road. It features a cast of rising Saudi talent including Shaima AlTayeb, Khairia Abu Laban, Adwa Fahad, Darin Al Bayed and Aesha Al Refai.

Release date: January 18

Rachid Badouri: Les fleurs du tapis

Rachid Badouri, the Quebecois comic of Moroccan descent, is releasing a Netflix comedy special in which he talks about his rise to fame. Badouri explores everything from how he let his success inflate his ego to meeting a racist fan. The special is in French, but will have English subtitles. It’s debatable whether stand-up can be fully imbibed through subtitles, but the trailer promises it will be a fun experience even if you don’t speak the language.

Release date: January 18

Sixty Minutes

Sixty Minutes is a German drama that tells the story of an MMA fighter who angers a group of dangerous people when he decides to miss a fight to attend his daughter’s birthday party. The film is directed by Stronger than Blood filmmaker Oliver Kienle.

Release date: January 19

The Kitchen

British dystopian film The Kitchen is set in a London devoid of social housing and tells the story of Izi and Benji as they try to navigate the fiery world. The film is the directorial debut of Get Out’s Daniel Kaluuya, alongside architect-turned-director Kibwe Tavares.

Release date: January 19

The Bequeathed

The Bequeathed is a South Korean crime series that tells the story of a woman who inherits a burial ground after the death of her uncle. She finds herself in a whirlwind of murders and mysteries. The series is directed by Min Hong-Nam.

Release date: January 19


A mini-series inspired by the story of Colombian drug trafficker Griselda Blanco, who held multiple nicknames including Black Widow and Cocaine Godmother. The series stars Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara in the titular lead. All six episodes are directed by Colombian filmmaker Andres Baiz.

Release date: January 25

Updated: January 03, 2024, 5:48 AM