South Korean actor Lee Jong Suk mesmerised by Dubai in first UAE fan meeting

The star expressed admiration for the futuristic city

Lee Jong Suk treated his fans to a song before heading off to see Burj Khalifa. Photo: Lee Jong Suk
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South Korean actor Lee Jong Suk, who starred in the 2022 TV drama Big Mouth, took centre stage in Dubai as he held his first UAE fan meet-up at The Agency.

As fans travelled from across the country and the world to meet the actor, singer and model, he expressed gratitude, saying: "Thank you for giving me a different experience of meeting fans in person even in an exotic landscape that feels like a future city.”

Although Lee said he was nervous about the event, the actor, known for his roles in School 2013, W and Pinocchio, entertained fans with a series of games, songs and dance moves.

“I really loved everything about the fan meeting, he was so adorable and friendly with all of us,” said Khadija, 28, a teaching assistant from Al Ain. She said she was happy with her signed poster, adding: "The group photo was so cool – I was just lucky to be chosen for the goodbye session.

“I hope to see many Korean actors like him in the future visiting Arab countries."

At one point in the conversation, dubbed "Jong Suk Big Data Corner", Lee expressed a desire to explore Dubai's landmarks – with Burj Khalifa topping his bucket list.

Later that night, he took to Instagram to capture the moment he laid his eyes on the world's tallest landmark, as well as the Dubai Fountain, saying: “So cool”.

Adding a touch of South Korean culture to the event, he challenged male fans to a game of Jegichagi, for which players use their feet to try to keep a jegi – a coin wrapped in paper – in the air for as long as possible. Winners were handed collectable photo cards depicting the actor as a prize.

To wrap up the night, Lee serenaded the crowd with a stirring rendition of That's Okay by D.O of K-pop boy band Exo as a parting gift to his fans.

Updated: August 06, 2023, 2:02 PM