Kevin Hart is about to visit Abu Dhabi's Yas Island: 'I’m expecting to be blown away'

The comedian and actor has revealed the capital's entertainment destination will be where he takes his next vacation

Kevin Hart is coming to Abu Dhabi's Yas Island

Kevin Hart is coming to Abu Dhabi's Yas Island
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Kevin Hart is on his way to Abu Dhabi. The US comedian has revealed his next holiday will be at Yas Island, “the craziest entertainment venue in the world”.

Hart revealed on Instagram he has partnered with Yas Island, and will soon be travelling to the capital’s entertainment destination to experience all of its attractions.

From Ferrari World to Warner Bros World, Hart expressed his excitement about his coming trip in a video shared with his 117 million followers.

“Yours truly will be coming that way soon. I’m excited, I’m pumped up,” said Hart in the video. “I’m going to hop into that world of excitement … I’m expecting to be blown away.

“You’re doing it too big over there for me not to come and get some … Yas Island, buckle up!”

In the caption accompanying the post, Hart gave a teaser of what he would be doing when he gets to the capital, saying he would take to the F1 racetrack.

“Yas Island Abu Dhabi... Get ready to go Hart! Who knows, I may as well take on a job there for a while,” he wrote, alongside a winking emoji.

The Fatherhood star did not reveal when he would be visiting the UAE, but suggested he would be bringing his family along for the holiday.

Yas Island has been capturing plenty of attention on social media in recent weeks, thanks to its catchy Bee Gees-inspired “Stayin'On Yas” campaign.

The clever tourism drive, which plays on the Bee Gees hit Stayin’ Alive, has racked up more than 1.2 million views on YouTube since its release.

Speaking to The National, Liam Findlay, general manager of Yas Island's Experience Hub, said: "We have been mostly known for our individual assets. Ferrari World or the Grand Prix has been more famous than Yas Island. So every asset is known famously by itself.

“But now, because we have volume ... meaning we have all these new assets like Etihad Arena and SeaWorld coming up, Yas Island is a destination."

Experience Hub's brand marketing director Badr Bourji said that campaign was just the beginning, and another song and video is on its way, although he did not reveal more. “What I can say is we will keep that momentum running and plan to build on our success.”

Perhaps Hart's visit is another piece of that puzzle.

Updated: August 04, 2021, 7:49 AM