A name to suit the game

A reader notes that a surname starting with C might be an advantage for any cricket captain, such as Michael Clarke, who wants to beat India. Other topics: parking, weight-loss surgery and lizard powder.

A reader suggests that Michael Clarke's surname may be linked to his success as a captain. Aamir Quresh / AFP
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When 'short-term' parking creates a problem for others

The letter Space for flexibility over parking fines (February 20) caught my interest.

Every morning, I have a battle to find a parking spot in Khalifa Street, Abu Dhabi, where my office is located.

What irritates me the most is that I see lots of vehicles occupying paid parking spaces with their hazard lights on, and whose owners have not purchased a ticket.

I understand that buying a ticket for one full hour is not worth the expense or inconvenience for somebody who is just dropping something off or needs to wait two or three minutes to load a vehicle.

However, while I'm circling desperately to find a parking place, I notice that some of these vehicles are parked for 20 to 30 minutes, with their drivers waiting in the car or standing nearby smoking.

If I ask the driver whether he is leaving, he usually nods his head negatively or ignores me. When I ask if he can purchase a ticket or leave the space for somebody who wants to park and pay for a whole day's parking, I usually get sarcastic grimace.

I have complained about this, but to no avail.

G Hariz, Abu Dhabi

Surgery no end to a patient's ordeal

I am writing in response to Bariatric surgery is for extreme cases (February 24).

One thing people don't realise is that even if the insurance company pays for the operation, it does not pay for the removal of the acres of loose skin patients are left with.

It can run into hundreds of thousands of dirhams just to put your body back to normal. Most of the operations have to be repeated more than once.

Believe me, this is not a case of vanity. A patient can be left with hideous scaring, but leaving the excess skin can result in sores or the necessity to carry around kilograms of empty skin, which is very uncomfortable.

I think that if a patient is accepted into a programme in a government hospital, this aftercare should also be included.

Leaving people in this situation is mentally very damaging; they can't put their body back to normal because they don't have the money.

Name withheld by request

Driving home a point of definition

I have a question regarding Tailgating 'just doesn't make sense' (February 17).

Who "drives" in UAE? It seems to me that everyone just swerves.

Shawn Swart, Dubai

Evocative use of the language

I love the details given in Ayesha Al Khoori's blog post Diamond-studded abayas and lobster on the menu: a mountain to climb at Government Summit (February 14).

It was very descriptive. I hope Ms Al Khoori managed to finish all her duties.

B Yoder, US

Powder doesn't sound pleasant

I am writing in regard to the story about buying "natural Viagra" (Lizard powder: if you believe it, it might work, February 24).

Powdered lizard? The very fact that the pills are made out of such ingredients is a turn off.

It definitely would require a lot of courage from people who dare to consume it.

Fatima Suhai, Dubai

Some musings about the news

I'd like to share a few far-fetched observations conceived on a pleasant and lazy Dubai afternoon.

First: it was announced last week that musician Psy would soon be performing in Dubai

But then, Psy sent a tweet saying that he has no such plans for the near future.

Now, news reports say that another distinguished South Korean, Ban Ki-moon, has been visiting Dubai. So instead of Oppa Gangnam Style, Dubai has had Oppa UN Style.

Second: cricket captains whose surnames begin with the letter C - including England's Alastair Cook and Australia's Michael Clarke - seem to be performing spectacularly well against India in test matches.

In light of this development, we may see a lot of name changes, and soon there will be players called Brendon Ccallum, Darren Cammy, Misbah Ul Caq and Mahela Caywardene captaining teams playing against India.

Amitabh Saxena, Dubai