Yemen president Hadi reshuffles cabinet

Deputy military chief Ali Mohsen Al Ahmer appointed vice president, former communications minister Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghr becomes prime minister as Khaled Bahah given adviser's role.

Khaled Bahah addresses a press conference in Abu Dhabi on January 19, 2016. He was relieved of the posts of Yemen prime minister and vice president on April 3, 2016. AFP
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Aden // Yemeni president Abdrabu Mansur Hadi reshuffled his cabinet on Sunday, relieving prime minister and deputy vice president Khaled Bahah of his posts and making him his adviser.

In changes announced on Sunday night, Mr Hadi appointed the deputy head of the military, Brig Gen Ali Mohsen Al Ahmer, as vice president and former communications minister Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghr as prime minister, the Yemen news agency reported.

Mr Bahah was appointed prime minister on November 7, 2014 but resigned after three months following the takeover of the capital Sanaa by Houthi rebels. He was reappointed prime minister on April 12 last year and also made vice president.

Brig Gen Al Ahmer was the commander of the First Armoured Division in Sanaa before joining the uprising against former president Ali Abdullah Saleh in 2011. He was appointed deputy supreme commander of the Yemeni army on February 22 this year.

Mr Bin Daghr was a deputy prime minister and minister for communications from June 11, 2014 until August 1 last year, when Mr Hadi appointed him as his adviser.