Where is Donald Trump? As election called, president plays golf

Mr Trump surprised some observers by decamping to his Virginia golf course

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Within hours of the news that Joe Biden had won Pennsylvania, securing his election victory and confirming his path to the White House, President Donald Trump was spotted playing golf at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia.

The outgoing president’s golf expedition was mocked on social media, although pro-Trump commentator and Fox News pundit Dinesh D’Souza characterised the trip as “coolness under pressure”.

Donald Trump heads to golf course as Biden wins presidency

Donald Trump heads to golf course as Biden wins presidency

Supporters of Joe Biden had other ideas, and booed the president’s motorcade as he made his way to the golf course.

To American film director Morgan J Freeman, a picture of Mr Trump’s reaction to the crowds was “photo of the year”.

But despite being in the middle of a fight for his political life – at least if his legal claims for recounts go ahead – Mr Trump still found time after his game to pose for photos with a newly married couple.

Mr Trump’s insistence that holding the highest office in the land must not stand in the way of a good round of golf has become – to some – a defining feature of his presidency.

That’s certainly the view of the Twitter account @trumpgolfcount, which has tallied Mr Trump’s visits to golf courses and says the outgoing president has made no fewer than 284 while in office.

For the account, it is the end of an era.