King Charles 'trapped' by Prince Harry's 'lies'

The first part of the couple's Netflix docuseries will air on Thursday

Britain's King Charles III, right, and Prince Harry at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Tensions within the royal household are to be exposed in the coming Netflix docuseries. Getty Images
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King Charles III faces a decision over whether to cut off Prince Harry and Meghan, as a former aide who claims to be have been bullied by the Duchess of Sussex publicly rejected the couple’s “lies”.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said hopes for a reconciliation are fading between Prince Harry, his wife Meghan and the royal family.

“I think it’s a very difficult end to the year for the royal family,” he told The National.

“The king’s first Christmas message will be bookended by the two Netflix documentaries, which appear to be very antagonistic. And one must assume that Spare, which is an acid title, would be ungenerous towards the royals.”

Hints about the revelations to come may leave the king with a choice to make in the new year, Mr Fitzwilliams said.

“It may be that King Charles has a decision to make as to precisely what, if any relations [he has with Meghan and Harry] — what about the coronation, will they be asked? Will they be cut off completely?”

His comments came as a former Buckingham Palace aide who claims they were bullied by the Duchess of Sussex called on the palace to reject the allegations in the docuseries and book.

The person, who signed a confidentiality agreement, told The Times: “The only way to end it once, for good, is for us to be allowed to speak, and for the palace to firmly reject their lies.

“It’s emotionally draining. It feels like there’s no end to it.

“[Meghan] knows we can’t financially protect ourselves by going to court, so she keeps pushing.

“It’s all a game for her. And she is loving it.”

The person called on the palace to “step up” by lifting all the non-disclosure agreements, and said they should “publicly respond to [the Sussexes’] attacks”.

However, Mr Fitzwilliams said it will be difficult for the palace to do anything in response to the allegations.

Responding point by point would be "disastrous" and taking away their royal titles would not be easy.

“What can they royals do? It’s almost impossible for the royals to do anything. If you do point by point, it’s disastrous.

Harry & Meghan documentary - in pictures

“You can’t take titles away as it would be an act of Parliament. You could put out a statement. [Queen Elizabeth II] said some recollections may vary and that was very impressive. It was all they could do.

“Charles has only been there for three months. He hasn’t been crowned yet. It must end, I would have thought, in anticipating it’s going to be awful.”

Prince Harry and Meghan accepted an award on Tuesday in New York from the Robert F Kennedy Human Rights organisation, honouring their work to promote racial justice and mental health awareness.

Kerry Kennedy, daughter of Robert F Kennedy, and president of the organisation, said she was "proud" to be honouring the couple at the gala.

"They've stood up, they've talked about racial justice and they've talked about mental illness in a way that was incredibly brave," she told US outlet Extra.

"For Meghan to get out there on national television and normalise discussion of mental health, at this point, is incredibly important and very brave."

Harry and Meghan at the Ripple of Hope awards gala - in pictures

The event was held days before the launch of the couple’s tell-all Netflix docuseries, which airs on Thursday.

The second trailer for the “Netflix Global Event” was screened on Monday, with Prince Harry speaking of a “dirty game” involving the leaking and planting of stories by the royal family.

He also referenced “the pain and suffering of women marrying into this institution,” and a “feeding frenzy”.

The six-episode docuseries will also “share the other side of their high-profile love story”, Netflix said.

The couple is shown receiving rapturous applause while conducting royal duties, announcing their engagement and their wedding in 2018, as a news clip voice-over by broadcaster Piers Morgan says: “She's becoming a royal rock star."

It cuts to Meghan saying “and then” before snapping her fingers, with Harry adding: “Everything changed.”

Volume one of the series will go out on Thursday — exactly three months after the death of the queen, Harry's grandmother. The second volume will be released on December 15.

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Updated: December 08, 2022, 4:42 PM