Return of the lectern of doom: The succession of Downing Street podiums

Each leader over the past six years has chosen their own lectern

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It may not be the most important element of the merry go round of political leaders in Downing Street in recent months, but the succession of new lecterns which prime ministers use to address the public has not gone unnoticed.

Each leader over the past six years – and Rishi Sunak will now make it five – has chosen their very own podium.

Liz Truss gave her resignation speech at her lectern on Tuesday, which was likened to the block-stacking game Jenga that eventually collapses, due to its twisty design.

But the podium brought out for Mr Sunak's speech to mark the start of his stint was straight and more traditional in style.

Staff place a podium in front of Number 10 Downing Street before Liz Truss delivers a speech on her last day in office. Reuters

Its design recalled previous lecterns like Boris Johnson’s, which was made from a darker wood, with a thick stand.

Theresa May’s was narrower, but with a similar colour, while David Cameron’s was curved and lighter in colour.

Gordon Brown’s was substantially more modest in comparison to the most recent iterations, resembling a microphone stand with wheels.

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Updated: October 25, 2022, 11:04 AM