Queen Elizabeth's platinum jubilee events list: timings, map and schedule of celebrations

From street parties in every corner of the country to celebrations in world-famous buildings

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Queen Elizabeth II has now been the UK’s monarch for 70 years — the head of state for the UK and many of the Commonwealth countries.

She is the first British monarch to reach the 70-year milestone and a four-day holiday weekend has been filled to honour the occasion of the platinum jubilee, which begins in the UK on Thursday.

What are the official platinum jubilee events?

Trooping the Colour: The queen’s birthday parade will be held on Thursday at 11am. During the queen’s birthday parade, a royal gun salute will be fired.

When the royal party makes its traditional appearance on the balcony, a fly-past of planes from the queen’s rule will roar overhead.

Platinum jubilee beacons: The UK’s long tradition of celebrating royal milestones with the lighting of beacons will continue for the platinum jubilee.

The beacon chain, once used as a means of communication, is now a symbol of unity.

Service of thanksgiving: A service of thanksgiving takes place at St Paul’s Cathedral on Friday.

The Derby at Epsom Downs: Members of the royal family will attend the races in Epsom, south-east England, on Saturday.

Platinum party at the Palace: Some of the world’s biggest names join the musical tribute, performing to an audience of 22,000 people at Buckingham Palace.

The big jubilee lunch: More than 60,000 people have signed up to host lunches and street parties on Sunday. About 10 million people across the UK are expected to be joining the celebrations.

The platinum jubilee pageant: More than 5,000 people take part in the mix of theatre, street arts, music, circus and carnival.

Who are the longest serving monarchs?

In Britain, Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne for by far the longest period, with 70 years and counting.

Behind her is Victoria on 63 years and George III with 59 years. Globally, Louis XIV, is out in front having ruled France from May 14, 1643 to September 1, 1715 — more than 72 years.

But the longest verifiable reign of any monarch, including states not internationally recognised, is Sobhuza II of Swaziland, a landlocked kingdom in southern Africa, now called Eswatini. He reigned from July 22, 1899, until August 21, 1982 — a regal record of 82 years and 254 days.

What else is happening?

From street parties in every corner of the country to celebrations in world-famous buildings, there will be opportunities for everyone to enjoy the fun.

One of the most high-profile events is the Tower of London’s Superbloom, which has turned the moat into a field of flowers.

At Hampton Court Palace in west London, a joust is being held, reminiscent of some of the first royal jubilees.

London Zoo is staging a Zoobilee with outdoor gallery charting the royal links.

One week before the big four-day weekend more than 2,000 public events and 2,210 street parties or private events had been shared on the palace’s party website.


Updated: June 02, 2022, 9:17 AM