Woman risks her life to save koala from Australia bushfires - video

The koala named Lewis is facing a long recovery in hospital

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A badly-burnt koala was rescued by a brave passerby as it crawled through a bushfire in Australia on Tuesday.

The koala named Lewis is facing a long recovery.

Lewis' rescuer Toni Doherty gave him water and wrapped him in a blanket after finding the injured koala on the Oxley Highway west of the New South Wales state town of Wauchope.

The 14 year old koala was taken to nearby Koala Hospital Port Macquarie for treatment for severe burns to his feet, chest and stomach, according to local media.

His injuries are so severe that he may not be allowed back in the wild.

Ms Doherty said it was her "natural instinct" that led her to rescue the animal from the burning trees.

"So, just immediately thought just get to him, put the fire out," Ms Doherty told Network Nine.

Hundreds of koalas are believed to have died in bushfires gripping the New South Wales state over the past two weeks.

Meanwhile, several wildfires are also burning out of control in the South Australia state with catastrophic weather conditions prompting fire officials to issue emergency warnings.