Rania Elias, the director of Yabous Cultural Center in East Jerusalem. On March 2nd 2012.
Photo by :Ilan Mizrahi

Info from Yabous website:
It has been the dream of Yabous Productions since its establishment in 1995, to develop a professional performance facility in East Jerusalem to cater for more than 400 thousand inhabitants, living in and around the city. Yabous Productions has for the last ten years been presenting professional quality artistic performances including local and international artists mainly from Europe as well as from other parts of the world. After succeeding in creating an embryo of a cultural audience in East Jerusalem a success that still needs much more development but nevertheless substantial, Yabous Productions believes that the time is ripe to realize its dream. The creation of a professional performance facility will most certainly boost cultural life in Jerusalem and will have a dramatic impact on its artistic creativity.
The Yabous Culture Center is located in Azzahra Street, East Jerusalem in the heart of the shopping area near the walls of the City in the Former Cinema Al Quds.
Rania Elias, the director of Yabous Cultural Centre in East Jerusalem and her husband were arrested on Wednesday. Ilan Mizrahi 

Israel police release arrested Palestinian cultural leaders