Iran holds airforce manoeuvres in Gulf

Exercises aimed at raising the Iran air force's ability to use intelligence aircraft have begun in the Gulf and Sea of Oman.

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Iran has begun three days of airforce exercises in the Gulf and the Sea of Oman to raise operational and support capability, Iranian media said. "Long-distance flights of around 3,600km along with aerial refuelling from tanker to fighter jet and from fighter jet to fighter jet will be part of this exercise," state broadcaster IRIB's website reported. "Low altitude flights over the waters of the Gulf and the Sea of Oman by Iranian fighter jets over distances of 700km will also be tested," it said.

The military exercise plans were announced last month. IRIB, which did not mention Iran's disputed presidential election in its report, said the exercises were also aimed at raising the force's ability to use intelligence aircraft "to send signals and analyse threats". Iran often holds war games or tests weapons to show its determination to counter any attack by the United States or Israel on sites where they believe nuclear weapons are made.